About Us

For many years I have searched for somewhere decent and reasonably priced to get raw dog food for my pooches.

My husband runs a carpet showroom and I asked him one day if I could put a freezer in the back of his shop as I was sick to death of waiting in for raw food deliveries all day or they not turning up.  I was also finding it quite time consuming trying to find all the extra things that I wanted to feed my dogs like bones, turkey necks and bone broth etc.

So one day I walked into the raw food shop in Poole and thought “wow, what a brilliant idea”. I came home and purchased 2 freezers and put them at the back of Marcus carpet shop.  I remember the first Saturday coming into the showroom and there was about 6 people standing around the freezers and I thought “Ok, I need more freezers!” and that was how it started.

I really enjoy what I do and its so lovely when people bring their dogs in and we can see how healthy and well they are on their raw diets.

Posted in Latest News on 14th April 2021